The administration division includes human resources, accounting and purchasing, and assurance services.

Human Resources

The human resources section is responsible for payroll, benefits, and employment matters. The section works with the leadership team in developing policies and administering programs in employee relations, performance management, benefits and compensation, succession planning, recruiting and retention, recognition, and professional development and continuing education. Staff support functions include staff access badges and room keys, parking coordination, and reception and scheduling of agency conference rooms.

Accounting and Purchasing

The accounting and purchasing section is responsible for accounting for all funds appropriated to the council, including funding for joint interim committees, and assisting with the preparation of the council's annual budget and legislative appropriation request. The section also is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services required by the council, hardware and software for other legislative agencies supported by the council, contract administration, and mail and shipping services.

Assurance Services

The assurance services section is responsible for safety and risk management programs, business continuity, and disaster recovery research and planning; building design and space management; facilities, warehouse, property, and inventory management; scheduling and maintenance of the REJ Building conference center for legislative agencies and legislative clients; and custodial services. The section also assists with the management and disposition of records created or received by the council.