Texas Legislative Council

Securities Act


As part of its continuing statutory revision program, the council has engaged in a nonsubstantive revision of the Securities Act (Article 581-1 et. seq., Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes) as proposed Title 12, Government Code. The 55th Legislature enacted the Securities Act in 1957 to establish the State Securities Board to regulate securities and persons who sell, offer to sell, or deal in securities.

Title 12, Government Code

We are also in the process of preparing a draft of the necessary conforming changes.

Contact Information

The nonsubstantive revision of the Securities Act is under the direction of John Mistrot of the legal staff. Questions, comments, or suggestions relating to the project may be directed to Mr. Mistrot at P.O. Box 12128, Austin, Texas 78711, at telephone number (512)463‐1151, or by email at John.Mistrot@tlc.texas.gov.