Document Production

The document production division provides text and data input, proofreading, graphic design and layout, photography, printing, delivery, and document distribution support for the following agency responsibilities:

  • Preparation of council documents, including legislative and nonlegislative document drafts, correspondence, reports, and publications
  • Preparation and distribution of house official printings, engrossments and enrollments, and house calendars
  • Updating of council-maintained databases

The director and deputy directors supervise the daily activities of the division and provide a broad range of support to the council.

Data Transcription

The division's data transcription process involves text and data entry and document update functions in the production of council drafts, legislation, code drafts, parchments, publications, manuals, reports, correspondence, and other documents.


The division's graphics services include production of council and legislative publications, manuals, and visual aids, as well as photography, for the council, the legislature, and other state agencies.


The division's printing services include reproduction of legislative and nonlegislative draft documents, publications, manuals, interim committee reports, and other forms, reports, and products that support the council staff. During the legislative session, printing services include official house printings, 2nd readings, engrossments, enrollments of house documents, and house calendars.

Processing and Delivery

The division's processing and delivery staff receive all house legislation from the chief clerk and select senate legislation from the secretary of the senate and prepare legislative documents for printing and storage in databases accessible to the public. The processing and delivery staff also prepare and deliver all legislative and nonlegislative council draft documents and are responsible for obtaining the required signatures of the presiding officers of the senate and house, secretary of state, comptroller, and governor on all legislation. The document delivery staff distribute house legislation, related legislative documents, and house calendars. The staff also provide copies of council publications and informational materials to the legislature and the public.


The division's proofreading process verifies and reviews council drafts, legislation, code drafts, parchments, publications, manuals, reports, correspondence, and other documents.