Information Systems

The information systems division provides computer support services to the legislative branch of Texas government, including legislators and their administrative offices, the Texas Legislative Council, the Legislative Reference Library, the State Auditor's Office, the Legislative Budget Board, and the Sunset Advisory Commission.


The administration section consists of the director and two deputy directors who assist in budgeting. The section is responsible for the overall policy direction of the division, the coordination of day-to-day IS operational activities, and the long-term strategic direction of the division.


The applications section works in partnership with legislative clients, the Computer Support Center, and the infrastructure and operations and media and education sections to provide specific solutions to meet the needs of the legislature and legislative agencies. The applications section develops custom software; assists in the evaluation, selection, implementation, and customization of purchased software or other technology; and assists clients in reviewing their work processes to determine if changes can be made to improve those processes.

Computer Support Center

The Computer Support Center (CSC) is the initial contact point for all clients on the council's Capitol network. The CSC is composed of the IT Support Center, whose primary responsibility is phone support to address first-level hardware and software issues; the office consultant teams, which are responsible for evaluating and addressing computer needs and issues for legislative offices and assisting in the selection of personal computer hardware and software for the legislature; and the specialized client support team, which provides technical support to sister agencies.

Infrastructure and Operations

The infrastructure and operations section is responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance, and monitoring of the hardware, software, and network infrastructure on the council's computer network. The section consists of six groups: the data center operations group, the database support group, the workstation and server support group, the applications support group, the network and storage support group, and the infrastructure systems support group. As a section, these groups provide support on the desktop/laptop/server, storage, and mobile/network infrastructure to the Capitol and district office clients. The section also distributes council-developed applications, office automation applications, e-mail, remote and external access, security agents, Internet access, and computer hardware.

Media and Education

The media and education section consists of two teams. The media team is responsible for maintaining the Computer Support Center website and for creating a variety of instructional materials to inform clients of the council's services. The items produced include informational videos and web and print design components. In addition, the media team works in cooperation with the applications section to provide design and interactive components for council software applications. The education team provides classroom training, produces online help guides and educational courses, and organizes procedure manuals for legislative applications and PC software. Together, the media and education teams offer online training classes and instructional videos specially designed for district offices and other clients in need of remote access to training materials.