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What is Statutory Revision?

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What is statutory revision?

The Texas Legislative Council is required by law (Section 323.007, Government Code) to carry out a complete nonsubstantive revision of the Texas statutes.

Process. The process involves reclassifying and rearranging the statutes in a more logical order, employing a numbering system and format that will accommodate future expansion of the law, eliminating repealed, invalid, duplicative, and other ineffective provisions, and improving the draftsmanship of the law if practicable—all toward promoting the stated purpose of making the statutes "more accessible, understandable, and usable" without altering the sense, meaning, or effect of the law.

Review. The council staff encourages examination and review of all proposed code chapters by any interested person. Meticulous care has been exercised by the staff to include in the proposed code all source law assigned to the code and to ensure that no substantive change has been made in the law. A complete and adequate outside review is necessary, however.

For further information regarding the Continuing Statutory Revision Program see Sec. 8.09 of the Texas Legislative Council Drafting Manual.

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