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Estates and Guardianship Code
Proposed Chapters

These proposed chapters are intended for consideration by the 81st Legislature. Each proposed chapter states the Revised Law, which is the text of the new law, and then provides the Source Law, which is the text of the former law from which the revised law is derived. If further explanation of either the revised law or the source law is required, a Revisor's Note is included after the source law. All substance in the source law is revised in the revised law or the reason for its omission is explained in a revisor's note.

View or Download Chapters
The proposed chapters of the Special District Local Laws Code are available for viewing on-line or for download as Word and HTML files. The download files have been zipped (compressed) so that it will take less time for you to download.

To View: Click the "view" link to jump to the specified title.

To Download: Click the "Word" or "HTML" link for the file you wish to download. A WS-FTP window will appear; specify a save location on your hard drive and unzip (decompress) the file by using a standard Windows unzip program. If you don't have an unzip program, you may download a free or shareware version from or from any popular download site. Note: Netscape users must use version 7.2. To download, right click on the desired link; in the drop down menu, left click on "Save Link Target As . . ."; and then specify the save location as above.

Title 1. General Provisions
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  • Title 2. Estates of Decedents
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