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General Code Update Bill

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General Code Update Bill

Background information. During each interim the council, as part of its duties relating to continuing statutory revision, prepares a general code update bill for introduction during the next regular legislative session. The purposes of the bill are to nonsubstantively codify laws that should be included in previously enacted codes, appropriately renumber duplicate official citations, correct enacted codes to conform the codes to the source law from which they were derived, and revise codes or parts of codes enacted during the preceding legislative session to incorporate enactments of that session.

The general code update bill being prepared for introduction during the 82nd Legislature will include amendments, as necessary, to provisions of Title 2, Estates Code; Titles 3, 4, and 6, Special District Local Laws Code; and the Transportation and Natural Resources Codes. Those provisions were revised by the 81st Legislature as part of the continuing statutory revision program, and amendments will be made to reflect amendments by that legislature to the laws from which those provisions were derived.

Contact information. Maria Breitschopf is the revisor of the updates relating to the Estates Code revision, Jennifer Stewart is the revisor of the updates relating to the Transportation and Natural Resources Codes revisions, Mark Kuster, Kelly Lowe, and Pam Moore are the revisors of the updates relating to the Special District Local Laws Code revision, and Peg Peterson is the chief revisor of the overall project. Questions, comments, or suggestions may be directed to the appropriate person at P.O. Box 12128, Austin, Texas 78711, at phone number (512) 463-1155, or at

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