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Background information. As part of its continuing statutory revision program, the council is engaging in a nonsubstantive revision of the Texas Probate Code, to be enacted as a new Estates Code. The council is revising the Texas Probate Code as the Estates Code in two installments. Last interim, the council staff revised the decedents' estates portion of the code, with a few exceptions. This interim the council staff intends to complete the revision of the code, including the guardianship portion. Several meetings were held with probate law experts to discuss and develop a plan for this project.

Contact information. The portions of the Texas Probate Code proposed for nonsubstantive revision by the 82nd Legislature are under the direction of Anne Peters of the legal staff. Questions, comments, or suggestions relating to the project may be directed to Ms. Peters at P.O. Box 12128, Austin, Texas 78711, at telephone number (512) 463-1155, or at

81R Legislation. The following legislation relating to the first installment of the nonsubstantive revision of the Texas Probate Code as the Estates Code was enacted by the 81st Legislature in 2009 and will become effective January 1, 2014.

A revisor's report for the project was compiled and may be found here:

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