Policy Issues

Each of these reports focuses on a specific topic that is of interest to the legislative community at the time of publication. For publications relating to redistricting, go to the Texas Redistricting website.

Online publications are in PDF format. Printed copies may be obtained from the council's document distribution section and are available for viewing in the Legislative Reference Library.

(June 2018)

Inventory of Texas Felony Offenses by Category

(April 2018)

Excel version | PDF version

Texas Taxes Overview and Glossary

(March 2013)

(December 2012)

Regulation of Wine in Selected States

(December 2012)

Continuing Education Requirements in Texas Statutes and Rules for Certain Occupations

(December 2012)

Eminent Domain Authority in Texas

(October 2012)

(October 2012)

Multistate Survey on the Regulation of Equine Performance-Enhancing Drugs

(September 2012)

Restrictions on Sunday Off-Premises Liquor Sales in Non-Control States

(August 2012)

(August 2011)

(January 2011)

Calculation of High School Graduation Rates

(June 2010)

Occupational Licenses and Statutory Penalties for Violations Relating to Occupational Licenses
(June 2010)

Occupational Regulation in Texas

Occupational Licenses and Statutory Penalties for Violations Relating to Occupational Licenses
(October 2008)

State Roles in Financing Public School Facilities

(December 2006)

School-Based Intervention for Childhood Obesity

(October 2006)

Higher Education Graduation Rates: Finding a Benchmark

(March 2006)

Texas Statutes Granting, Prohibiting, or Restricting the Power of Eminent Domain

(March 2006)

Glossary of Telecommunication Terms

(April 2005)

Fee Provisions in Texas Statutes and Appropriation Riders

(March 2005)

Comparison of Punishment and Sentencing Provisions in the 1993 and 2003 Penal Codes

(February 2005)

Trauma Stabilization Services in Rural Texas

(August 2004)

Kidney Transplantation in Texas

(May 2004)

Video Lottery Terminals at Licensed Racetracks in Other States

Report to the House Committee on Licensing and Administrative Procedures
(April 2004)

(March 2004)

Recent Changes in Texas Home Equity Laws Give Homeowners More Choices

(January 2004)

Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) Program: Your Questions Answered

(March 2003)

Survey of State-Funded Job Training for Employers

(March 2003)

Overview of Local Taxes in Texas

Report to the Senate Committee on Finance
(November 2002)

Texas Taxes: Overview and Glossary

(January 1999)

Archived Policy Issue Publications and Reports

In addition to the publications listed above, the council has produced other titles in recent years that are available for viewing in the Legislative Reference Library.

Definitions of "Rural" in Texas Statutes and the Texas Administrative Code


Public School Dropouts in Texas

Report to Senate Committee on Education (December 2000)

Youth Violence in the United States and Texas

(April 2000)

1999 Poverty Statistics

(December 2000)

Compilation of Changes in Punishments and Sentencing Provisions to the Penal Code Since the 1993 Revision

(March 2000)

Public Education: Texas/U.S. Statistics and Glossary

(April 1997; 2nd Ed., February 1999)

Why People Leave Welfare II: An Expanded Follow-up Study of the Effects of Welfare Reform

(December 1998)

Profiles of Texas Mass Transit Authorities

(October 1998)

The Clean Air Act: New EPA Air Quality Standards—Implications for Texas

(October 1998)

Introduction to Dropout Issues and Statistics

(August 1998)

Why People Leave Welfare

(October 1997)

Job Availability and Welfare Reform

(April 1997)

Glossary of Telecommunications Terms

(April 1997)

Glossary of Electric Utility Terms

(April 1997)

Health and Human Services: Texas/U.S. Statistics and Glossary

(April 1997)