Pricing and Payment

Most materials distributed by the council's document distribution section are available online at no charge. See the information page on each type of material for information on accessing the material online. The general public and state agencies are assessed a charge for paper copies of most materials.

Electronic Formatting Charges

Requests to provide a document in an alternative electronic format will be assessed for feasibility and may incur processing fees.


The council is required to collect tax on certain items. Tax is calculated by applying to the cost of the purchase the Austin city sales tax, 8.25 percent. Tax is not collected on out-of-state requests.

Payment Options

Payment may be made by cash, check, or money order; state agencies may use a purchase order. Payment must be received before any order over $20 can be filled, and pre-payment must be received for all mail-out orders. Make checks payable to the Texas Legislative Council.

Pricing Schedules