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For redistricting questions and requests for printed materials:

  • contact redistricting support services at (512) 463-6622


Use the form at the bottom of the page to:

  • report problems or make comments related to this website, DistrictViewer, and Who Represents Me?
  • ask about online or other legislative resources where you may find information or assistance


Please DO NOT use the feedback form for:

  • requests for printed materials (maps and reports)
  • private citizen requests for legal assistance or legal opinions. The agency that maintains this website can only direct you to online resources or, in some cases, provide contact information for a state government entity that may be able to help you
  • constituent requests for action or expressing your opinion on a legislative issue or policy. Such requests or opinions should be addressed to your elected representatives. The agency that maintains this website is a nonpartisan agency supporting the legislature and does not have a policymaking role
  • requests under the public information act (open records requests)

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Contact Information

Physical location
Texas Legislative Council
1501 N. Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78701
Mailing address
P.O Box 12128
Austin, TX 78711-2128
Phone number
(512) 463-6622
The Texas Legislative Council, a nonpartisan legislative service agency, provides technical and legal support to the Texas legislature for redistricting.