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State House

The 83rd Legislature, 1st Called Session, enacted S.B. 3 (PlanH358). The districts are identical to the interim plan ordered by the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, used to elect members in 2012 to the Texas House, except for changes made to 14 districts in Dallas, Harris, Tarrant, and Webb Counties. This plan is effective January 2015.

Texas has 150 state representative districts. Each district has an ideal 2010 census population of 167,637.



  • Statewide map
  • DistrictViewer interactive map: Plan H358 (desktop)
  • DistrictViewer interactive map (mobile)

  • District Nos. 1-50:

  • District Nos. 51-100

  • District Nos. 101-150

  • Additional maps (FTP directory)



  • District demographic reports, District Nos. 1-50:

  • District demographic reports, District Nos. 51-100

  • District demographic reports, District Nos. 101-150

  • Additional reports (FTP directory)
  • Voter Data Report
  • Population Report


GIS Data

The Texas Legislative Council, a nonpartisan legislative service agency, provides technical and legal support to the Texas legislature for redistricting.