The research division provides professional, nonpartisan research, drafting, mapping, and redistricting services for the lieutenant governor, the speaker of the house of representatives, legislators, and all legislative committees. Specific services include congratulatory, memorial, and policy resolution and certificate of recognition drafting; bill analysis and bill version side-by-side comparison drafting; policy issue research; statistics and demographics; data gathering and preparation; map production and geographic analysis; publication preparation; website creation and maintenance; and redistricting information and support.


The administration section is responsible for strategic operations and planning of the division.

Mapping and Redistricting

Mapping staff produce paper and electronic maps clearly delineating district boundaries. Maps of the state, districts, or other geographic areas illustrating data of interest to the legislature are also prepared.

Additionally, staff in the section maintain websites relating to legislative districts (Who Represents Me?, DistrictViewer, and RedAppl) and work throughout each decade to update geographic, election, and population databases to be ready to support all legislative and court redistricting activities.

Policy Issue Research

During a legislative session, the staff of this section prepare and review bill analyses, draft side-by-side comparisons of the senate, house, and conference committee versions of bills and joint resolutions, and handle research requests.

The section produces several presession and postsession publications.

In support of interim activities, the section responds to legislator and committee requests for research, including background information for interim charges; legislative history research; surveys of Texas' and other states' practices, laws, and legislation; and syntheses of academic, government, or other research.

Resolutions and Publications

The staff of this section draft congratulatory, memorial, and policy resolutions as well as certificates of recognition. The section also produces or coordinates the production of a number of research division and council publications.

Statistics and Demographics

In response to requests from legislators and committees, the staff of this section compile and analyze data, prepare statistical estimates and projections from data, evaluate methodologies of and conclusions in statistical studies conducted by others, advise on the use and interpretation of statistics or on how to formulate a design to answer a research question, and conduct statistical surveys and analyze results.

The staff also provide assistance to state agencies in designing or conducting statistical studies and surveys mandated by the legislature.

Web Technology

The staff of this section design and maintain certain websites.