Texas Legislative Council

Public Information Request

Requests under the public information law (Chapter 552, Government Code, also referred to as "open records requests") may be submitted to the Texas Legislative Council using the form below. The system will generate an automated confirmation email for the submitted request.

In many instances, the Texas Legislative Council is required to ask for a decision from the attorney general when a request seeks information that is privileged, confidential, or otherwise excepted from the public information law. However, you may permit the council to withhold that information without requesting an attorney general decision, and the council will do its best to inform you of the nature of any withheld information. You are not required to agree to the withholding of any information responsive to your request, but doing so may streamline the handling of your request. If you so choose, you are free to request the withheld information in a future information request.

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Requests under the public information law may also be sent to the Texas Legislative Council at the following address:

Public Information Officer
Texas Legislative Council
PO Box 12128
Capitol Station
Austin, TX 78711-2128