Texas Legislative Council


Bar graph of data

High‐Value Data Sets

Texas Legislative Council staff compile and analyze data from state, federal, and other official sources to assist legislators with inquiries into topics of statewide importance. In accordance with Senate Bill 701, 82nd Legislature, Regular Session, 2011, the council maintains the following high‐value data sets:

District Profiles

Demographic data from the American Community Survey, compiled for each legislative district:

District Number ▲
Member ▲
District 1
Hughes, Bryan
District 2
Hall, Bob
District 3
Nichols, Robert
District 4
Creighton, Brandon
District 5
Schwertner, Charles
District 6
Alvarado, Carol
District 7
Bettencourt, Paul
District 8
Paxton, Angela
District 9
Hancock, Kelly
District 10
King, Phil
District 11
Middleton, Mayes
District 12
Parker, Tan
District 13
Miles, Borris L.
District 14
Eckhardt, Sarah
District 15
Whitmire, John
District 16
Johnson, Nathan
District 17
Huffman, Joan
District 18
Kolkhorst, Lois W.
District 19
Gutierrez, Roland
District 20
Hinojosa, Juan "Chuy"
District 21
Zaffirini, Judith
District 22
Birdwell, Brian
District 23
West, Royce
District 24
Flores, Pete
District 25
Campbell, Donna
District 26
Menéndez, José
District 27
LaMantia, Morgan
District 28
Perry, Charles
District 29
Blanco, César
District 30
Springer, Drew
District 31
Sparks, Kevin