Texas Legislative Council

Confidentiality Policy

Under Section 323.017, Government Code, communications between a member of the legislature or the lieutenant governor and a council employee that relate to a request by the official for information, advice, or opinions from a council employee are confidential, and information, advice, and opinions given privately by a council employee to a member of the legislature or the lieutenant governor, acting in the person's official capacity, are confidential.

In addition, Rule 1.05 of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct generally prohibits a lawyer from knowingly revealing to another person confidential information of a client, including confidential communications between the client and the lawyer made for the purpose of facilitating the rendition of professional legal services to the client.

Since the work of the lawyers and other staff employed by the council is confidential, council staff will not disclose the fact that a member of the legislature or the lieutenant governor has made a particular request for draft legislation or provide any other information about the request to any other person, including other members of the legislature, without the express permission of the person for whom the draft is being prepared. After a draft becomes an introduced bill or resolution, council staff will answer questions concerning the bill or resolution only to the extent that the answers do not disclose confidential information concerning the bill or resolution.