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REJ Conference Center

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Room Descriptions

The REJ Conference Center consists of three meeting rooms, which may be used separately or together, a small kitchen, a lobby, and restrooms.

South room, Max 30 with tables, 48 without tables
Central room, max 120 with chairs
North room, Max 18 with tables, 40 without tables

South Central North Combined
Chairs: 30
Tables: 15
Chairs: 120
Tables: 0
Chairs: 18
Tables: 12
Chairs: 168
Tables: 0
48 (no tables) 120 (no tables) 40 (no tables) 205 (no tables)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can chairs and tables be rearranged to suit our needs?

You may arrange the rooms to suit your needs. However, you are responsible for returning the room to its standard configuration before you leave. The standard configurations can be viewed in the Room Descriptions section above.

Where is the REJ Conference Center located?

The REJ Conference Center is located at 1501 N. Congress, which is the northeast corner of 15th Street and North Congress Avenue.

Can the room temperature be changed?

The temperature can be adjusted. If you have a request regarding conditions in a room, the phone in the lobby of the conference center will directly connect you to the REJ Conference Center scheduling manager, who will take your request and place a call to the appropriate person.

Does the conference center have a speaker system?

A sound system is available only in the central room of the conference center. When filling out your reservation request, submit your request to use the sound system by checking "Audiovisual" under "Special Requests."

Is there access to Internet and phone connections?

The conference center is equipped with voice and data ports in each room. The REJ Conference Center also has public Wi‐Fi available. Phone and modem lines and long‐distance service can be arranged by calling the Department of Information Resources at (512) 475‐HELP. Billing information must be provided before service may be used.

Can food be taken into the meeting rooms?

Food can be consumed but not served in the conference center meeting rooms, with the understanding that the requesting group or person is responsible for cleanup. Food should be served only in the conference center lobby or kitchen area.

Can anyone reserve a room?

The conference center may be used for an activity that is not the official state business of a legislative entity provided the activity has a legislative sponsor. Sponsored events may be preempted by a legislative entity event at any time. A legislative sponsor must complete a legislative sponsorship form and email the scheduling manager the form and notification that the sponsor has agreed to sponsor an event in the REJ Conference Center. A room may be reserved not earlier than 90 days in advance of the date of the event.

Where can I park?

Parking is available at the Capitol Visitors Parking Garage, located at 1201 San Jacinto Blvd. For directions to the visitors parking garage in relation to the conference center, please view the Capitol Visitors Parking Garage web page or the Capitol Complex Parking Map.

How can I make long‐distance calls?

Long‐distance service can be arranged by calling the Department of Information Resources at (512) 475‐HELP. Billing information must be provided before service may be used.

What types of audiovisual equipment are available?

The REJ Conference Center has whiteboards, monitors, microphones, and projection screens. The central conference room has a sound system. Please review the conference center guidelines for requirements and limitations on use. The user must provide projector, flip charts, signs, office supplies, additional audiovisual equipment, etc.

Where can I get additional information?

For additional information, call the REJ Conference Center scheduling manager at the Texas Legislative Council at (512) 936‐1030 or email the scheduling manager.