Texas Legislative Council

REJ Conference Center Guidelines

Make a Reservation

The REJ Conference Center rooms are provided for the official state business of legislative entities during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Private use is prohibited. The conference center may be used for an activity that is not the official business of a legislative entity if the activity is state business and is sponsored by a legislative entity. A sponsored event may be preempted by a legislative entity event at any time.

Anyone considering using the conference center should refer to the online upcoming schedule section or contact the conference center scheduling manager by calling (512) 936‐1030 or sending an email. The scheduling manager can check the schedules and discuss available times for each room. Reservation time requests should include at least 30 minutes for setting up the room and returning it to its standard configuration. A room may be reserved not earlier than 90 days in advance of the date of the event.

After selecting a date and time, a requester must complete an online reservation request. A reservation request is incomplete until it contains all of the information requested in the form. A legislative entity sponsoring an event also must complete a legislative sponsorship form and submit it to the scheduling manager.

Reservations are processed in the order in which the completed forms are received; however, priority of use is given to legislative entities and to events directly related to the official purposes of those entities. All amendments and changes to reservations must be made through the scheduling manager in advance. Schedule changes may be made by emailing or telephoning the scheduling manager. Cancellation of a reservation should be made as soon as possible and at least 24 hours before the time of the scheduled meeting. Room reservations may be canceled following the online cancellation process. The scheduling manager will provide an email confirmation of a cancellation or schedule change. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Facilities and Descriptions

The REJ Conference Center contains three meeting rooms. The rooms may be used separately or combined with adjacent rooms to form larger rooms.

South Central North Combined
Chairs: 30
Tables: 15
Chairs: 120
Tables: 0
Chairs: 18
Tables: 12
Chairs: 168
Tables: 0
48 (no tables) 120 (no tables) 40 (no tables) 205 (no tables)

The conference center has a small kitchen area, a tiled lobby area, and restrooms. The center is equipped with tables, chairs, a podium, projection screens, monitors, and a sound system. Additional tables and chairs are stored in the conference center closets and may be used in setting up a room. Users must bring their own additional furniture, equipment, or supplies, such as additional podiums, dry erase markers, flip charts, additional audiovisual equipment, etc.

A sound system is available only in the central room of the conference center. When filling out a reservation request, a requester may request to use the sound system by checking "Audiovisual" under "Special Requests." Public Wi‐Fi is available in the conference center. Other special requests for use of audiovisual equipment should be directed to the REJ Conference Center scheduling manager by emailing or calling (512) 936‐1030.

User and Sponsor Duties

A legislative entity that is using the conference center assumes responsibility for any theft of or damage to conference center equipment or facilities. If a user notices such damage or theft, the user must notify the scheduling manager immediately.

A legislative sponsor is responsible for ensuring that a sponsored user observes conference center guidelines and state law. Sponsors assume responsibility for any theft of or damage to conference center equipment or facilities. If a user notices such damage or theft, the user must notify the scheduling manager and sponsor immediately.

The user is responsible for arranging the movable furniture to meet the user's needs for the meeting. It is the user's responsibility to leave the conference center clean and to return the movable furniture to its standard default configuration immediately after each use. A user is not responsible for routine cleaning, but a vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies are available in the kitchen area for the user to handle a spill or other nonroutine accident. The chairs with wooden arms that are assigned to the central room must be returned to that room if they are removed for a meeting; they should not be stored in the closet. If chairs or tables from the closet are used for a meeting, the user is required to return those chairs (without wooden arms) or tables to the closet.

Limitations on Use

Tables from the north or south rooms may not be moved into other areas of the conference center without prior approval from the Texas Legislative Council.

Items may not be taped or stapled to the walls of the REJ Conference Center.

While they may be consumed in a conference room, food or beverages may be served only in the conference center kitchen area and tiled lobby area. The courtyard, walkway, and main lobby areas of the Robert E. Johnson Building may not be used as food distribution or lunch break areas.

Consequences of Noncompliance

Any entity that breaches these terms three or more times during any 12‐month period will not be permitted to use the conference center for a minimum of six months. The Texas Legislative Council reserves the right to suspend an entity's use of the conference center if there is reason to believe that theft of or damage to conference center equipment or facilities may result.